Implant Treatment

Implant Treatment

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What is dental implant treatment?

Dental implants are one of the highly demanded dental treatments in Turkey. A dental implant is planted into the jawbone beneath the gum line. During the surgery, tooth roots are replaced with metal posts, and damaged or fallen teeth are replaced with an artificial one that looks and functions like real ones. The implants won’t slip or cause any damage. It is a long-lasting (even a lifelong) treatment. It is placing artificial tooth roots in the mouth to support dentures and bridge prostheses.

The placing of the implant is under local anesthesia, and it is a minor surgical operation. The duration of the operation may vary depending on the implant number (60 mins. average). Recovery after the surgery is completed between 3 to 6 months post-operation.

After the healing process, the second stage begins, which is the placement of the superstructure of the implant. Once the implant is surrounded by healthy bone, the upper structure is placed, and the tooth is ready for the third and final stage of the treatment. The final stage is placing the prosthesis.

Dental implants can be made with stainless steel, gold, and cobalt-chromium.

Why is it done?

When a tooth falls, its space remains empty and this causes the other teeth to move towards this open place, which leads to damage to the whole denture.

Dental implant treatment is preferred to end chewing and speaking problems. If the patient suffers from multiple teeth loss, a bridge should be made between the implants. The decision about the bridge or individual implants are made by your dentist after the examination before the operation.

Dental implants’ main purpose is to create a nice smile and to protect patients’ oral health.

For whom is it suitable?

For patients who have lost most (or all) of their teeth, “4 in all dental implant” is an innovative surgical technique. It is also called “all on four implants”, it provides an option to replace a full set of teeth in the jaw (upper, lower, or both) with four dental titanium implants. Those implants are placed at strategic positions with a certain angle. This will serve as a solid foundation to support the bridge. It looks natural and is durable and also functions as natural teeth.

Dental implants can be a better and a life-changing, comfortable, and healthy solution for those using palate prostheses (especially for the patients who use removable prostheses).

Dental implantology can also be applied to children, who have completed their jaw structure development.

Implant treatment is also applicable for patients who have lost only one tooth.

Most of the time, anyone who is healthy enough to take local anesthesia and undergo a minor surgical operation can be treated with dental implants. The most important part is to have a good bone structure and healthy gums. Dental implant treatment is right for you if you:

Have a missing tooth (or more)
Have an undamaged jawbone structure
Don’t have a medical condition that might affect bone healing
Have healthy oral tissues
Can’t or don’t want to have prosthodontics

What are the advantages?

Improves appearance and self-esteem
Improves comfort
Improves chewing
Improves speech
Improves dental health
Helps to prevent bone loss
Helps to prevent gum recession
It is durable (permanent) and natural looking
Natural looking
It ends the need for a partial removable denture
Ensures more comfortable and secure dentures
Requires no additional cleaning or maintenance than natural teeth