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We provide the right treatment and best service for our patients.

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As Treat&Travel, we are happy to see you among us on this journey that we are proud of the results we have achieved. Our motto; To bring together our valuable patients with distinguished clinics and expert doctors in their fields and to offer you the most accurate treatment and to be with our experienced team in this process.

Counseling services before the start of treatment are covered free of charge. In this way, the patient is informed about the budget and treatment conditions before starting the treatment process. Airport shuttles, accommodation and transport to the treatment centre are provided. In addition, the patient is informed about the touristic features of the location during the treatment period. Thus, we offer a touristic experience instead of just a journey where you are treated.

What is right treatment?

Right treatment is planned according to the patients’ needs and wants. It is important to work with experts and to trust their experience. Health tourism in Turkey is grown with time. Turkish hair and dental experts are using advanced technologies and keep improving their methods in order to save their patients in a best way.

Contact us for details and to decide which technique is more suitable for your expectations, to have more information and to plan your visit to Istanbul.